Microsoft Makes Longhorn Performance Promises

"For the past several years, Microsoft has been promising that Longhorn would deliver some substantial security, reliability and performance improvements.

But until the worldwide partner conference in Minneapolis in mid-July, company officials had not quantified the benefits that Longhorn — the version of the Windows client operating system, due in 2006 — would deliver.

Amy Stephan, a senior product manager with the Windows client unit, outlined some of the various Longhorn "fundamentals," including systems management and deployment features, which Microsoft is readying.

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26 responses to “Microsoft Makes Longhorn Performance Promises

  1. Mohammed Imran

    I have being remembering since Windows NT days for the god sent reliablity, i wonder when would i get such a reliablity which rival unix systems.Wht do u say andre?

  2. Andre

    Windows has become a very reliable operating system ever since Microsoft released Windows 2000. They really did a rehaul of kernel and how interacts with device drivers to perform better in stability and reliability.

  3. Mohammed Imran

    But andre it still cannot beat , the stablity of Linux which i run in other machines,you know i still have that deep rooted, sense of weekness when i used windows xp, i dont know when it just might crash. or u know get bogged down.

  4. Andre

    All operating systems are vulnerable, its just that Linux takes a more concious approach when it comes to security. Things like there is no root user by default, and accounts are sand boxed.If most Windows XP/2000 users would run using a limited user account they would not have worry about the present prevalence of Spyware (malware) and viruses. Microsoft hopes to change this with Longhorn by introducing new account rules such Limited User Accounts (LUA) and a sand boxed IE. If you want to know more about LUA, check out the following link on Josh Phillips website:

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