Microsoft Launches OneCare Beta


"This week, Microsoft began sending out beta invites for its upcoming Windows OneCare Live product, an MSN service that will provide Windows XP users with managed antivirus, antispyware, a two-way firewall, data backup and restore capabilities, and other services. According to Microsoft representatives I spoke with last week, Windows OneCare is an extension of Windows that breaks beyond the boundaries of today’s PC security products.

"Windows OneCare is a subscription service that guarantees that customers will stay protected online," Dennis Bonsall, the Group Product Manager of the Microsoft Technology Care and Safety Group told me recently. "It automatically fixes the things that most often detract from user satisfaction when using Windows: Security, data protection, and PC performance."

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This is one beta I would have loved to test, too bad its currently for US Residents only. I’m currently running the Window AntiSpyware public beta and its going very well. Maybe Microsoft will change their minds and up this up to the rest of world sooner, rather than later. Well, it won’t be finalized until Q1 of 2006, so there is still plenty of time.


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