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Microsoft France exposes Vista release date


Microsoft has revealed the projected release dates of Windows Vista and Internet Explorer 7 in a phone conversation with’s French sister publication SVM, the publication claims.

"Beta 2 of Windows Vista, Microsoft’s future operating system, is slated for release in the first week of December 2005 at best," a posting dated 29 August said. "The final release has been pushed back until September or
October 2006."

Beta 2 of IE 7 is set for September 2005 followed by the release of the final version in December, the story continues. The product launch will coincide with Vista beta 2. Vista beta 1 was released to testers in July.

A spokeswoman at Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond would neither confirm nor deny the report.

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Tablet PCs’ Future Uncertain

From eWeek
"fate of the pen-driven, portable PC category, which got a boost in 2002 when Microsoft Corp. first rolled out its Windows XP Tablet PC Edition software, is uncertain, as some analysts have begun to lower their long-term growth projections for the category and Microsoft remains mum about its future tablet operating system plans.

Despite early expectations—the Tablet PC Edition OS provided an easier method of allowing people to navigate their computers with a pen, make digital annotations and capture handwriting, while a new "convertible" form factor was more like a traditional notebook—tablets have failed to woo mainstream business users and consumers as quickly or as easily as initially expected, market watchers say.

The machines, which have caught on in areas such as health care and education, are thus likely to remain trapped in those niches for some time to come, forecasters now say.

Roger Kay, president of Endpoint Technologies Associates and a former International Data Corp. analyst, issued a dire forecast for the market.

Kay, in a report published late last week, predicts that tablet shipments will total less than 4 million units per year by 2009, well below some recent forecasts, which had predicted shipments as high as 14 million during the same time period, he said."

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Sounds very gloomy.

My Resources:
Tablet PC: Writing In One’s & Zero’s


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Windows Vista Beta 2 – Expected December 7, 2005

"Windows Vista

Despite rumors to the contrary, but in keeping with the schedule I first published on the SuperSite for Windows months ago, Microsoft is planning to ship Windows Vista Beta 2 in late 2005, not in early 2006. According to internal documentation I recently reviewed, Vista Beta 2 is scheduled to be "feature complete" by September 29, 2005. Then, Vista Beta 2 will enter lockdown mode between October and November 9, 2005. After that date, Beta 2 will be in escrow. Microsoft now plans to ship Windows Vista Beta 2 on December 7, 2005, about three weeks later than the last schedule I obtained.

What about post-Beta 2? According to a second set of documentation I viewed Monday, Microsoft will ship Windows Vista Release Candidate 0 (RC0) on April 19, 2006, and Windows Vista RC1 on June 28, 2006. Microsoft currently plans to release Windows Vista to manufacturing on August 9, 2006, and make the product broadly available by November 15, 2006."

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Sounds accurate and exciting to me. The Windows Team is definitely making progress especially after yesterdays surprise return of WinFS, which is not expected to be out of beta for a long, long time, even after Longhorn Server RTM’s.

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Hollywood, Microsoft align on new Windows

"As Microsoft readies the next version of its Windows operating system, called Vista, the software giant is building in unprecedented levels of safeguards against video piracy.

For the first time, the Windows operating system will wall off some audio and video processes almost completely from users and outside programmers, in hopes of making them harder for hackers to reach. The company is establishing digital security checks that could even shut off a computer’s connections to some monitors or televisions if antipiracy procedures that stop high-quality video copying aren’t in place.

In short, the company is bending over backward–and investing considerable technological resources–to make sure Hollywood studios are happy with the next version of Windows, which is expected to ship on new PCs by late 2006. Microsoft believes it has to make nice with the entertainment industry if the PC is going to form the center of new digital home networks, which could allow such new features as streaming high-definition movies around the home."

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First Impressions: WinFS Beta 1

From Bazzoni
"Yes, I said WinFS, not WinFX…I know, I am surprised also

Well, shocked is the best way to describe how I feel. I thought this was coming in 2007 and that even that was a long shot."

Check out the other screenshots and the write about whats new here
Yes, WinFS really lives. 🙂

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WinFS Beta 1 is posted! Ok, maybe a little early though. . .

From Tom Rizzo


"We’ve posted Beta 1 of WinFS, the next generation relational file system for Windows, to MSDN subscribers today (  There were some snafus since the bits weren’t supposed to hit until tonight but what can you do. . . . 🙂


There are some exciting things with this beta including Windows XP support.  The end game for WinFS stays the same which is that WinFS will be in beta when Windows Vista ships.  You’ll learn a lot more about WinFS at PDC.


There is also a new WinFS Blog available up on MSDN for you to learn more about the product at"


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The WinFS Team definitely have made a lot of progress so far to have it already in beta 1. The original thought that it wouldn’t be ready beta 1 until Windows Vista RTMs. Also it was believed that WinFS would not be ready until the end of the decade or the version of Windows after Vista, Windows Blackcomb.


My Resource:

WinFS, A Longer Journey to Search Euphoria.

Searching for a Solution. Can Microsoft do it?


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Microsoft Readying WinFS Beta Bits?

"Many had written off Microsoft’s next-generation Windows file system as little more than vaporware. But sources say the first WinFS beta code within a month.
When Microsoft announced a year ago that it had decided to rip the next-generation Windows File System (WinFS) from Longhorn, many company watchers wrote off the feature as little more than vaporware.

But it seems Microsoft didn’t simply shelve WinFS. According to sources close to the company, Microsoft just last week put the finishing touches on the first beta release of WinFS. And the company is moving ahead with plans to back-port the WinFS technology to Windows XP, the same way that it decided to do with the Windows Communication Foundation (Indigo) and Windows Presentation Foundation (Avalon) Windows subsystems.

On August 27 last year, company officials acknowledged that WinFS would fail to make it into either Longhorn client (now known as Windows Vista), due in 2006, or Longhorn Server, due in 2007. Instead, officials said, the new plan was to make Beta 1 of WinFS available to developers around the same time that Vista shipped.

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This is really exciting!

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