Paul Thorrot Needs To Stop Writing Opinion Columns

"In the tech journalism world, there are three types of people:  journalists who writes about tech, nerds who write about tech, and nerds who are journalists.  Often, you’ll get the best and most reliable information from nerds who write about tech, you’ll get above average information from nerds who are journalists, and you’ll often get inaccurate or poor information from journalists who write about tech.

Guess which category Paul Thorrot falls under?  Yeah, he’s a journalist who writes about tech.  That’s his job: to write stories which will sell subscriptions, and generate ad revenue.  I’m not saying he’s completely sold out and only writes for the green, but I am saying that he isn’t always in search of the whole truth and he definitely isn’t worried about giving you the entire story."

Read the rest here

Very interesting and truthful, its time we stop listening to Pauls BS.


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9 responses to “Paul Thorrot Needs To Stop Writing Opinion Columns

  1. Olivier

    nah I agree with Paul and his reviews when i am disappointed with a microsoft product i look through him to get the word out. I am not one those people who would kiss microsoft even it started per say charging yearly to use their os. I mean Microsoft isn\’t perfect.

  2. Olivier

    Plus I think everything in the media is full of opinions. Every review is an opinion backed with facts.

  3. Hammer-Down Hillbilly

    Show me a browser that is 100% complaint and then write about microsoft\’s issues.

  4. Celtic_Warrior1888

    [quote] User = KidUpandComingI mean Microsoft isn\’t perfect.[/quote]So tell me who is? I\’m afraid Paul\’s articles are full of bias and does come across as a personal vendetta sometimes!Have you read his coverage of Vista? Slagging it off left right and center. The guy obviously doesn\’t understand the concept of "Beta"……

  5. Andre

    Vista "BETA 1"Internet Explorer 7 "BETA 1"I think I have made my point.

  6. Unknown

    Paul can say BS sometimes, but I guess he is only doing his job. lol. The net has exploded into hating him now.

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