CIO Jury: Convince us on Windows Vista

"UK CIOs and IT directors say they will have to be convinced of the business benefits and return on investment of Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Vista operating system before including it in IT spending and upgrade plans.

Microsoft’s ‘next generation’ version of Windows–originally codenamed Longhorn–is not due for a full release until some time in 2007 but the software giant has now revealed it will be called ‘Windows Vista’ and has released a first beta version to developers.

But only two out of’s 12-man CIO Jury user panel said they have started any planning for Windows Vista, in terms of upgrade cycles and its likely impact on IT budget and operations.

Most said they would only consider deploying Windows Vista after the first service pack update for the full release is out–and then only if the business benefits justify the upgrade cost."

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I at least expect a lot of companies under Software Assurance will at least get to acquire Windows Vista but won’t deploy it until Service Pack 1. This is typical of Windows XP and 2000 today. One thing I would wish for though is that new purchases of PC’s by Companies bundled with Vista when it is released should at least be used instead of formatting the OS and going back to some old version of Windows at that time to keep standardized on platform. At least break the ice by introducing new PC’s on the network with Vista I say.

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