AntiSpyware and OneCare Live

"Today when I came in to the office, I was made aware of an issue which stated that a Microsoft Representative was quoted as saying Windows AntiSpyware would no longer be available for free.


The statement quoted in many forums is not true.


As we have been saying since day one, Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware will be available at no charge to licensed users of Windows. Users who validate their Windows install through WGA will be allowed to download the AntiSpyware beta, as well as the full standalone version of AntiSpyware when it releases to the web."

Read the rest here

Well, that should sooth any worry about Microsoft AntiSpyware being free or not. The cost of it is just a legal copy of Windows.


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18 responses to “AntiSpyware and OneCare Live

  1. Celtic_Warrior1888

    I read about that yesterday, I\’ve got to say I would have been very surprised if they pulled the Anti-Spyware Beta. I used to use Giant (which the Engine under the MSFT rebrand) and thought it was very good – I\’ll be looking froward to them adding additional functions in Beta 2.

  2. Unknown

    Interesting, so Andre still blocking me? (Don\’t answer, I know you are). lol :p

  3. Andre

    But the point remains Celtic, when the HELL is beta 2 gonna come??? We have been running Beta 1 since January and only a few minor updates have come our way in updated builds and a Refresh Update.Thanks for the comment. 🙂

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