Microsoft Fleshes Out Acrylic, Vista Connection

From eWeek
"Microsoft on Monday announced the second early release of its new design tool known by the code name Acrylic.
Acrylic, a professional illustration, painting and graphic-design product, is targeted at de-signers working in print, Web, video, and interactive media. Up until now, Microsoft Corp. has not fielded a product in this space, which is dominated by Adobe Systems Inc.. Acrylic is based on the Creature House Expression product that Microsoft acquired in 2003, when Microsoft bought the developer of Expression, a Hong-Kong-based company, Creature House Ltd.

"Acrylic relates to Windows Vista and it is a technology for the creation of rich applications and user interfaces," said Forest Key, group product manager for the technology. Acrylic also re-lates to the Windows Presentation Foundation, formerly codenamed Avalon, and "gives devel-opers capabilities to build compelling applications. There is a need for tools to target XAML [Microsoft’s Extensible Application Markup Language] for presentation of compelling applica-tions. Acrylic is a design tool to target XAML."

Read the rest here

I knew there was a connection, I just knew it!

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