WinFS Beta 1 is posted! Ok, maybe a little early though. . .

From Tom Rizzo


"We’ve posted Beta 1 of WinFS, the next generation relational file system for Windows, to MSDN subscribers today (  There were some snafus since the bits weren’t supposed to hit until tonight but what can you do. . . . 🙂


There are some exciting things with this beta including Windows XP support.  The end game for WinFS stays the same which is that WinFS will be in beta when Windows Vista ships.  You’ll learn a lot more about WinFS at PDC.


There is also a new WinFS Blog available up on MSDN for you to learn more about the product at"


Read the rest here

The WinFS Team definitely have made a lot of progress so far to have it already in beta 1. The original thought that it wouldn’t be ready beta 1 until Windows Vista RTMs. Also it was believed that WinFS would not be ready until the end of the decade or the version of Windows after Vista, Windows Blackcomb.


My Resource:

WinFS, A Longer Journey to Search Euphoria.

Searching for a Solution. Can Microsoft do it?


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