Microsoft Fesses Up To Longhorn Screwup

From CRN
"Interesting Microsoft spin in today’s Wall Street Journal.

In the wake of the company’s big reorg and news of Jim Allchin’s planned departure next year, the Journal reports that Allchin told Bill Gates more than a year ago that the Longhorn plan wouldn’t work. The promised gagillions of lines of code that would offer all the features and UI perks hyped to the hilt at PDC 2003, were all in jeopardy.

The story is pure Microsoft. Take a massive screw up, admit to it, and declare victory.

Meanwhile, as the Journal story states, Google and Apple manage to turn out software and services people actually can use and love. Sometimes even pay for.

The beauty of Google’s search is the simplicity and speed of its interface. You click on Google and you don’t wait long for results. Now, Microsoft and others say the results need fine-tuning—a valid point. Too much information in many cases. But does anyone seriously think Microsoft will do a better job of that than Google itself?"

Read the rest here 

I think Microsoft has learned from this, and I believe you won’t be seeing these big major 5 year gap releases of Windows again. You will see more powerful interim releases reflecting the glory days of Windows 98 and ME, but you will have the occasional huge release continuing on the path of a release like 2000 or XP starting with Windows Blackcomb.

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