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MSN Messenger 8 Beta Fake


The latest version of MSN Messenger 8 Beta has started showing up on popular BitTorrent sites on the web, but on closer inspection, it has been found to be a fake.


The recent few versions of MSN Messenger had all been leaked out of the labs, several weeks or even months prior to the actual public beta release date, but this time, the download has been unanimously nuked as fake, by all who downloaded it.

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Talking about Bill Gates talks about Messenger v8 and more

I suspect we will be finally be hearing about the next version of MSN Explorer software version 10 and the recently leaked MSN Messenger 8 IM Client and Office 12 productivity software. Learn more over at Overdo and PJB


Bill Gates talks about Messenger v8 and more


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Inside IE7 for Windows Vista

"With the latest build release of Windows Vista (build 5231), Microsoft unveiled a number of cool new features within its Internet Explorer 7 for Windows Vista. The built-in features eliminate the need for third-party search toolbars, anti-phishing applications and RSS readers. Be sure to read our Internet Explorer 7 for Windows Vista preview for more details."
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Windows Vista: Death to Menus?

From PC World
"For three months now, I’ve been cheerfully doing something that virtually nobody, including Microsoft, thinks is a good idea: using beta versions of Windows Vista to do actual work on my primary office PC. Which means that I’ve already logged hundreds of hours with the new OS.



Up until now, I haven’t had much to say about the experience–for the simple reason that much of that time has been spent battling bugs and other quirks. Bugs and quirks are what you expect from very early versions of a product that’s still a year or so from release, so a detailed report on them would be pretty dull. And other folks (like my colleague Denny Arar) have done a good job of reporting on Windows Vista’s feature list."

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Microsoft Design

From Microsoft Design

This is a great Microsoft website I just stumbled upon that talks about designing the various Microsoft products, whether its user interfaces or product boxes. There is really a lot of passion when it comes to design at Microsoft, on the site you get to read about  some of the work the company does on the products we use everyday without thinking about the ingenuity thats goes into creating the seamless user experiences.


"Worlds of Windows
The Windows personal computer has attained the cultural significance of the telephone, car, and airplane. When we—the Windows designers—think about the impact our decisions have on millions of people around the world, we’re in awe."

Read more about Designing Windows here and check out Microsoft Design here


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Microsoft Office Publisher 12 Blog – Now Up!

Well from the 24th of October actually.

What about Publisher? A few blogs have started wondering when we were going to speak up on our plans. That’s my job (among other hats I wear) and it’s time to start. We do have an exciting Publisher release in the pipeline as part of Office “12".

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Other Office Blogs to check out:

  • Steven Sinofsky’s Microsoft TechTalk.  Steven is the Senior Vice President of Office and his blog is primarily focused on issues relating to helping college grads make an informed decision about what it’s like to work at Microsoft and the kind of impact new hires and interns have around Office.  Yet, Steven also finds time to write about some of the current decisions we’ve made in Office 12, always flavored with historical information about what Office has learned from past successes and mistakes.  His September 12 entry talks in-depth about some of the history behind the Office Assistant ("Clippy") as well as the Office 12 new UI.
  • Brian Jones: Office XML Formats:  I guess Brian’s blog is kind of the ying to this blog’s yang.  One of the other big advances in Office 12 is the new XML-based file format, and Brian’s blog is a great starting point to learn both the "why" and the "what" of the change.
  • Chris Pratley: A OneNote WebLog:  Chris is an accomplished and experienced product designer who runs the program management team that oversees Word and OneNote.  Chris has been posting since midway through the OneNote 2003 product cycle and has just started posting information about the next version, OneNote 12.
  • David Gainer: Microsoft Excel 12 Blog:  David leads the Excel program management team, and he has started a blog in which his team will let you know what’s coming in Excel 12.  First announcement: more rows and columns!
  • Owen Braun: Another OneNote Blog:  Owen was instrumental in shaping the first two versions of OneNote; I’m sure his blog will be interesting!
  • PJ Hough: Windows SharePoint Services:  PJ’s SharePoint blog is just getting started and includes some nice information about the upcoming WSS "v.3", especially its support of blogs, wikis, and RSS.
  • Office FrontPage 12 Blog:

    Welcome! Let me introduce myself, my name is Rob Mauceri and I’m the Group Program Manager for FrontPage. I’m going to use this blog to talk about what is coming in the next release of FrontPage – code named “FrontPage 12”. This version of FrontPage will ship sometime next year, on the same timeline as the rest of the Office family of products.

    Just a couple notes about me. I’ve worked on FrontPage for a long time (over 10 years, yikes!) and I contributed to every release of FrontPage including Vermeer FrontPage 1.0. I worked as a software developer on FrontPage 1.0 through FrontPage 2002, and as a program manager on FrontPage 2003 and FrontPage 12. I’m passionate about personal publishing, web site design, building web applications, and SharePoint.

  • Who am I? Why should you care?

    I am the Group Program Manager (aka GPM) for Microsoft Project. I have been working on the Proj team since early 2000. I led the team that designed the Project EPM Solution for Project 2002. I then moved up to managing the overall program management team for Proj with the Project 2003 release.

  • Office 12 PDF Blog:


    Okay, first post. I’m Cyndy Wessling, and I’ve been at Microsoft for eight years and have been a program manager in Office for the past four years, with the last year or so spent working on the Save As PDF feature among other things. This topic has already gotten off to a great start on Brian Jones’ blog, and I’m looking forward to addressing some of the questions and comments I’ve seen posted there.

    Read the rest here

    I think the blogs that are left to join are PowerPoint, OutlookInfoPath and Visio


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    Talking about MSN Messenger 8 leaks [Update 2]

     Overdo confirms the rumors about the next version of MSN Messenger, 8.


    MSN Messenger 8 leaks [Update 2]

    Usually I’m a big sceptic, however there are a few giveaways here that confirm it’s real.
    Firstly the options panel has Shared Folders in it. If you read my blog earlier in the week then you might like to re read this post and the comments: Sharing Rocks
    Secondly I know the build number was one from earlier this week, although the current build number is quite a bit higher.
    Thirdly as the people with the beta have found out, signin is being prevented by MSN CNI. So unless you sign in with an authorised passport, you can not do a lot 🙂
    Oh and the UI is just an alpha skin, which explains why nearly everybody who is viewing these declaring them as fake.
    Edit: Office 12 has some nice collaboration features in v8, remember those new PSM icons from a while back? 😉
    Edit2: It has VOIP included too.


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