Three-Year-Old Version of Word Resurfaces in Microsoft Works 2006

"Microsoft has refreshed and upgraded a number of elements in its latest consumer desktop office bundle. But a 2002 version of Word also is part of the package.

Microsoft Works Suite 2006 also replaces the 2005 versions of Money, Encarta and Streets & Trips. It also replaces Picture It! Premium with Digital Image Suite 2006.

One feature in the new Works Suite that is leading many to scratch their heads, however, is the inclusion of Word 2002 rather than a more current version, such as Word 2003."

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I am wondering the same thing also. It is either Microsoft encouraging  continued use of Windows NT (SP6), Windows 9x operating systems such as 98, 98SE and ME which, Word 2002 runs just fine on or there are still millions of those 9x and NT users out there based on Company’s statistical research. I hope for the next version of Works Suite the company just bundles Office Word 12 and skip Office Word 2003.  


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