Office 12 Technical Beta Invites

From NeoWin
Microsoft has just sent out the first wave of "Office 12" technical beta program invitations. In the e-mail received by many of our members here at Neowin, Microsoft revealed that Office 12 Beta 1 is scheduled for release within the next 2-3 weeks.

"Thank you for completing our nomination survey sometime within the past several weeks, and letting us know about your interest in participating in the Microsoft® Office "12" Technical Beta program. We are pleased to announce that your request for participation in the Office "12" Technical Beta has been approved. You will be provided with access to the Office "12" Beta software, documentation, and support within the next 2-3 weeks. But we wanted to let you know now that you have been accepted, so that you can make any preparations that you need."

Read the rest here

Exciting Christmas ahead for BETA Testers.


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2 responses to “Office 12 Technical Beta Invites

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  2. Antoine

    Hi, I am enrolled in the Beta !!Exciting experience !

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