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Looking back at 2005 and Looking forward to ’06

The new year is almost over, so what can say about 2005 in conclusion? For me, it was a year of ups and big downs, one most regrettable was the lost of my dear friend, Marisha Swaby, who passed away in August. I miss her very much and never would have thought in a million years she would not be here with us this New Years eve. But God new best, he took her so soon in life to do greater work in heaven. May her soul rest in peace and may her family find peace in all the good works Risha has done during her very short time on earth.
As for other parts of 2005, the release of BETA 1 of Vista was a positive one, and thats one of the positive things I continue to look forward to in the New Year to see where the development of this blockbuster goes. I hope to see a change in Jamaica in the coming new year, with an end to crime, violence, corruption and more job opportunities for people across the island. Most of all, I wish for no more natural disasters since 2005 seemed to be the year of it. I hope peace and prosperity across the world and continue to pray that everyone on earth can just get along.
Well, thats all from me for now and oh, Happy New Year when it comes.


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Merry Christmas Everybody

I just would like to wish everybody a Merry Christmas, may this special time of the year bring you and yours peace and joy.


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Windows Vista: Beware of Metadata Slips

From eWeek
A feature expected in the next version of Windows that will allow users to tag documents and other files with "metadata" could lead to embarrassing information disclosures if companies are not careful, according to research from Gartner Inc.

New features in beta releases of the next version of Microsoft Corp.’s Windows make it easy to attach metadata, or keywords, to different documents.

However, there is no easy way to control the metadata once documents leave the Windows system or enterprise network.

Companies need to be aware of this fact and take steps to make sure that sensitive keywords and other metadata are stripped from documents before they are made public, Gartner said.

Gartner’s research note, "Plan to deal with metadata issues with Windows Vista," published Wednesday, takes Microsoft to task for not designing security into the upcoming versions of Windows, code-named Vista, and Microsoft Office.

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Dual or Multi-Booting including Windows XP Professional x64 Edition


Over the years, I’ve run more than one operating system on almost all of my every day systems. As a writer about technology and operating systems, I’m constantly working with new (and often beta) operating systems as I learn their ins and outs to write about them. Since I generally have to buy my own hardware, that means making the most of the hardware I do have, and dual booting, or multi-booting, can be an effective solution. Several years ago, when the Windows Expert Zone was getting started, I wrote a column about multi-booting, and much of it is still true today. But obviously, Windows XP Professional x64 Edition didn’t exist back then, so let’s talk about the specifics of how to do it with x64 Edition.

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Sorry I haven’t posted

Sorry I haven’t updated my MSN Spaces in the past few days, but I have been so busy with work here at the Office plus investing some time throughout the day to test Windows Vista build 5270. I will be writing a pre-view soon, so stay tuned.
Thanks Imran for the correction, I will post it later to day. Merry Christmas everyone.


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Microsoft Windows Vista December Community Technology Preview

December Community Technology Preview Fact Sheet

The December Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Community Technology Preview (CTP) is the third in a series of early Windows Vista builds being released to an extensive technical community. The CTP program is designed to involve customers and partners in the various stages of Windows Vista development by facilitating timely and relevant feedback. Microsoft Corp. is on schedule to have the majority of Windows Vista features code-complete by the end of 2005, and the CTP program will help enable Microsoft to provide testers with a feature-complete version of the product sooner than for any previous Windows® release.

The December CTP will be distributed to testers in the Windows Vista Technical Beta Program, and is available to more than half a million Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN®) and TechNet subscribers. The December CTP offers developers, IT professionals, and Windows enthusiasts an opportunity to review and test some of the operating system’s significant security and performance enhancements and innovations. It also showcases progress on the overall user experience and design elements in Windows Vista.

As with the previous CTPs, the December CTP is intended for use by developers, IT professionals and the technical community. Given the nature of software development and the feedback process, many of the features in this CTP will continue to evolve throughout the development cycle. End users interested in testing pre-release versions of Windows Vista should continue to wait until the beta 2 version becomes available.

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Windows Vista Toughest ’06 Test For Microsoft

Microsoft’s biggest challenge in 2006 will be convincing corporations that they should upgrade to Windows Vista when it rolls out late in the year, a research firm said Friday.

Directions on Microsoft, a Kirkland, Wash.-based company that tracks the developer’s moves, put the Vista challenge at the top of its annual list.

Although demos of the still-in-the-works operating system boast cool graphics effects and consumer features, it’s enterprises that Microsoft must persuade. "Windows is Microsoft’s biggest business unit, and Vista is it’s biggest challenge," said Rob Helm, director of research at Directions. "Frankly, I think it’s going to be very difficult for Microsoft to make its case to corporations."

January and February of 2006 will be the months to watch, said Helm, since that’s when Microsoft will lock down the feature set for Vista. "Then they can try to tell corporations why they need it."

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Interesting months ahead.


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