December05 Vista CTP details


Some notes for those of you who are going to be installing the December05 Windows Vista CTP.

-Log bugs at the Microsoft Beta website; We have a team in place who will be reviewing bugs as they come in. (I am on this team)

-Additional support is available through the Beta Newsgroups; Other members of the TabletPC team will be monitoring the microsoft.beta.longhorn.tabletpc newsgroup.

Of course, you can always message Lora or you can contact myself at the Contact link at the top of this blog.

I’m really looking forward to hearing what you think of TabletPC features in Windows Vista when you see this new CTP. We’ve come a lo-o-ong way from the Beta1 or even the September CTP.

P.S. If any Fujitsu P1510D users are out there, let me know what your impressions are. Running XPSP2 or Vista, either way.

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2 responses to “December05 Vista CTP details

  1. Lora

    I have really enjoyed seeing the changes from 5219 to now. I hope other Tablet PC users will too. And, of course, send in those bug reports!!!

  2. Andre

    The changes coming do sound exciting from this post. Dec. CTP should be a whole lot of fun for Tablet PC users.

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