Sorry I haven’t posted

Sorry I haven’t updated my MSN Spaces in the past few days, but I have been so busy with work here at the Office plus investing some time throughout the day to test Windows Vista build 5270. I will be writing a pre-view soon, so stay tuned.
Thanks Imran for the correction, I will post it later to day. Merry Christmas everyone.


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4 responses to “Sorry I haven’t posted

  1. Gene

    I\’m having trouble getting multi boot to work on my PC…XP, Win2003 Server, and Vista all on seperate hard drives. I understand that you may have some secret insight into how to make this work.Every time I install the latest CTP 5270, it wipes out my multi boot setup. I understand Vista has a new boot manager process and tool (BCDEDIT) but I can\’t get into the Vista boot file to make any changes or corrections.Appreciate any help you can provide.Gene

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