Looking back at 2005 and Looking forward to ’06

The new year is almost over, so what can say about 2005 in conclusion? For me, it was a year of ups and big downs, one most regrettable was the lost of my dear friend, Marisha Swaby, who passed away in August. I miss her very much and never would have thought in a million years she would not be here with us this New Years eve. But God new best, he took her so soon in life to do greater work in heaven. May her soul rest in peace and may her family find peace in all the good works Risha has done during her very short time on earth.
As for other parts of 2005, the release of BETA 1 of Vista was a positive one, and thats one of the positive things I continue to look forward to in the New Year to see where the development of this blockbuster goes. I hope to see a change in Jamaica in the coming new year, with an end to crime, violence, corruption and more job opportunities for people across the island. Most of all, I wish for no more natural disasters since 2005 seemed to be the year of it. I hope peace and prosperity across the world and continue to pray that everyone on earth can just get along.
Well, thats all from me for now and oh, Happy New Year when it comes.


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10 responses to “Looking back at 2005 and Looking forward to ’06

  1. Stephen

    Sorry about the loss of your dear friend Risha, it\’s never easy to loose someone dear when they are so young. I can empathize greatly with you, as I have lost many close friends over the years. What\’s important is they are always in our hearts & thoughts.I agree with you on Vista … Microsoft sure is keeping us busy aren\’t they! I thought the personal season\’s greetings posted on Connect was nice. It\’s nice to put faces with the text. (Especially since you\’re a shy one). When I think of "Chris", I don\’t automatically think of a cartoon character. *chuckle* Anyway, I hope we run into each other often in the halls of our beta testing. :)Happy New Year Chris!

  2. Stephen

    PS – ANDRE, not Chris. Duh, sorry! I keep confusing you with another beta pal … sorry about the name slip Andre!PSS – I\’ve started my Vista fund at the bank for this years release of Vista … 64 bit all the way. I\’m sure you\’ll agree it\’s a smart move to 64! 🙂

  3. Andre

    Hey Stephen, Happy New Year and thanks for the comments. How come I haven\’t seen you posted in the Vista NGs? Drop a note in the Cafe let me see whats your handle. All the best on that Vista fund, I am saving up for a new system myself, in the mean time, I am investing in some RAM for my existing systems, since the monthly CTPs are requiring more by the releases. Keep up the good work Stephen. 🙂

  4. Stephen

    Andre -I couldn\’t wait to go 64, so I took the plunge over the weekend. I\’m sure I\’ll find other goodies for Vista to spend time and money on. I\’ll post a reply to one or more of your posts in either BetaPlace of MS Connect newsgroups. I don\’t usually post too often as many times Q\’s are already been posted or raised by other testers. :)See ya in the halls of beta! :)-Stephen

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