Available in 2007, Vista’s out of sight until 2008

"Microsoft’s newest operating system will be scaled down from what was originally promised years ago, but it will deliver significant improvements in security and graphics. Users will also find it easier to search for files or documents, according to the company.

Despite the new bells and whistles, it would probably be best not to run out and be the first company to buy PCs with a new Microsoft operating system, said Roger Kay, president of Endpoint Technologies Associates. Gartner issued a similar opinion last year, advising users to start testing Vista this year in preparation for a 2008 rollout.

Consumers, on the other hand, will simply find Vista replacing Windows XP Home on store shelves and on Dell’s Web site, said Sam Bhavnani, an analyst at Current Analysis in San Diego. Microsoft can exert pressure on consumer PC vendors to move quickly to Vista, but it has to tread more carefully among corporate users who have standardised on Windows XP, he said."

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When you think about it, Windows Vista is not the Windows OS Microsoft had originally envisioned, but then again, what users are missing in Vista when it debuts, WinFS? That is still on target to be released a little bit after Windows Vista hits the market, but thats really it, the Fast Search technology currently in Vista BETA 1 demonstrates some examples of organizing and finding information, so I really don’t see Vista as a let down. You are still going to get all of the underlying technologies such as Windows Presentation and Communication Foundations, plus the WinFX Runtime for creating the apps that will exploit the platform with great new applications.

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