Spread the word – tell us what you think about Vista!

From Microsoft

I’d like to call attention to a link that is provided in the desktop feedback icon, http://www.microsoft.com/windowsvista/sentiments/default.mspx. Many of you probably didn’t even open that feedback document if you’ve been on the beta very long so I wanted to make sure everyone knows it’s there.


Please make use of this link to tell us what you think about Vista.  It’s quick and easy to use and we’re looking at all the data we get there.  It’s not a substitute for a bug report – we want to know what you like and what you dislike about Vista.  What works well and what works not so well.


Bookmark the link and use it as often as you like when you find something you like or don’t like.  Tell your friends, your fellow beta testers and anyone you know to give us their feedback there.  Blog about it so everyone else knows about it – it’s on Microsoft.com and it’s open to everyone who has an opinion about Vista.


We’re using some very very cool technology on the backend to summarize the data that arrives there.  Technology that should give us a view into this free text type of data that we’ve never had before.  The more data we get, the better it works so as I said, feel free to come back over and over as you find things you like or dislike.



Paul Donnelly

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