5 Windows Live Messenger 8 Invites To Give Away!

Thats right, five Windows Live Messenger 8 Invites To Give Away! Want one? Here’s your opportunity, be one of the first five to post a comment and your wish is my command.
You must have a "Hotmail" address, I don’t want to see any G-Mail or Yahoo Addresses being posted for request. So if you don’t have a "Hotmail" account yet, sign up here
To learn more about Windows Live Messenger 8, click Here
Check out the Windows Live Messenger Blog, Here


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19 responses to “5 Windows Live Messenger 8 Invites To Give Away!

  1. James

    I would love one of the invites

  2. zhenying

    thank you for your chance provided.

  3. Unknown

    Hi an invite would be great thanks !

  4. Mohammed Imran

    Andre can i have the invite toooo;)

  5. Unknown

    can u send me one invite pls

  6. Unknown

    andrei want one invite toothanks


    AM i too late if u have another one,one to me too,thanks if u can. sin

  8. Unknown

    please send me an invite

  9. Vasanth

    I know I am late but I would like one if you get more. I could trade one for a http://www.newsvine.com/ invite too. 😉

  10. Andre

    Ok, the first 5 are definitely getting an invite, of course, all of you are receiving an invite must have a Hotmail account ready and waiting, you will receive the invite first thing tomorrow.For the other persons requesting invites, I will put you on a waiting list, I originally got 12 but promised 5 to some persons already.

  11. M

    hii have 40+ invitations to share with pplz, courtesy of my friends so cud u plz redirect pplz to the followin page ?http://spaces.msn.com/members/d-game/Blog/cns!1p7KGAnFKwnd6prFQR1SbQpQ!1423.entry thanks in anticipation

  12. Ziad

    Hey, Can i have an invite please?finalf4ntasy@msn.com

  13. Unknown

    Hey can i have a Windows Live messenger Invite i Really Need One Thank you very much..tjahman@hotmail.com

  14. erika

    can i have one as well?thanks!

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