The Vista User Interface – Jenny Ham & Chuck Cummins [MSFT]

"Jenny Lam and Chuck Cummins of Microsoft tell us all about what’s new and interesting for the Windows Vista user interface.
Listen here
Interesting part starts at 15mins, in which they talk about the user interface and if what we are seeing now in current builds such 5270 a reflection of the the final interface. If you get Glass now in 5270, thats it nothing else, no major changes like there was from Water Color to Luna during the XP Beta. Finally, this thing can be put to rest.


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4 responses to “The Vista User Interface – Jenny Ham & Chuck Cummins [MSFT]

  1. Kip

    Hey Andre,Lots of good stuff on your site, keep up the good work.One thing though, "Quote" is the word you\’re looking for (uo, not ou, ok?);)kip

  2. Andre

    Thanks for compliment and the correction, shame on me, I thought I would have learnt how to spell it by now!

  3. Kip

    No problem, Andre. Funny how a little thing like that just BOTHERS you to look at, though. It\’s so much better now! Again, keep up the good work

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