`Vista is a platform, Google is just search`

"Last week, in Las Vegas, Microsoft boss Bill Gates unveiled the Windows Vista, the new operating system that will replace the XP. Business Standard spoke to Rishi Srivastava, director, Windows Client Business Group, to get some insights into not just the new operating system but to see what else Microsoft has in store for India. Excerpts:

How is Vista different from the existing operating system?

It will be the centre of digital entertainment. It has a seamless user interface, so if you’re looking for a file, setting up a business trip or managing your photos, the user interface will offer a lot of clarity that will help get the information fast. Vista will also offer a brand new email experience. Windows Mail, which will replace Outlook Express, will have several unique features. The introduction of “Meta Data” will help organise photos. You can tag your photos with this on, say, your trip to Kerala and access all of them by just typing in Kerala.

The other key differentiator would be the quality of gaming graphics that are going through a major enhancement. To make usage easier, Vista will have a sidebar where you can list all the things you want to have such as your calculator, clock, calendar and so on for easier access — of course, this is available even now, but it is all in different files and takes time to search and use. The calendar will have special features that allow you to share it with others such your spouse, friends or a business group."

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