Windows Vista Progresses Forward, Windows Defender BETA 2 For XP Coming Soon! WinInformant

"The company passed over the build 5300 milestone a week ago and had completed build 5306 Wednesday. A slightly more recent build will likely be forked for the February CTP code tree, I’m told."

Windows Defender Beta 2 Coming Soon

"Microsoft tells me that it’s been busy rearchitecting the product–the original was written in Visual Basic, I found out this week–and working to integrate it with Windows Vista. However, that work is just about complete, and we should see Beta 2 soon. It will strongly resemble the Windows Defender client that was first seen in the Windows Vista December CTP."

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Windows AntiSpyware was purchased from GIANT in December of 2004, and went into beta January 2005. Also, the product is written in C++ now, but the BETA 1 release was Visual Basic.

Ron Franczyk (Expert):
Q: Which programming language is Windows Defender written in, is it still VB, because a lot of people were moaning over this?
A: C++ 

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5 responses to “Windows Vista Progresses Forward, Windows Defender BETA 2 For XP Coming Soon! WinInformant

  1. Gabriel

    Cool new
    I didn\’t know that MS Anti-Spyware was in VB. Well now it\’s in C++ so…. Anyway. I was wondering when beta 2 of the product (Windows Defender) will be release. Maybe in the same time frame than Windows Vista B2?
    Do  you know if MS is near the code complete for Vista? Anyways, looking foward to try the new CTP. Can\’t wait for Fabruary to arrive.

  2. Mohammed Imran

    well yeah they are begging to rock and rock, lets start the party, or is it too soon

  3. Andre

    The release of beta 2 is be mentioned in the Chat Session. Not specifics though, but its Q1 2006.

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