Will Vista Pump Up Microsoft’s Future Profits?

"While the release of Microsoft’s next-generation Windows operating system is still months away, Microsoft execs already are projecting strong sales. Here’s why they are so bullish.
Microsoft executives already are counting their Vista chickens before the next-generation Windows release has hatched.
On Wednesday a Microsoft vice president detailed for attendees of Merrill Lynch’s IT Services & Software Conference Microsoft’s reasons for its high expectations for Vista, the release of Windows client due to ship in the latter half of this year.

Microsoft expects 200 million new PCs to ship with Vista preloaded in the first 24 months that the operating system is available, said Michael Sievert, corporate vice president, Windows Product Management & Marketing. Comparatively, Windows 95 shipped on 67 million new PCs during its first two years of life."

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I think Microsoft will indeed meet those estimates or surpass it, but I am gonna alter it a bit, shipping with new PC’s includes consumers who get free upgrade rights to Vista if they purchased a computer a month or two before Windows Vista is released and I have to say persons who upgrade and maybe those who pirate the OS. I see 200 million PCs actually being shipped with OS in a 36 month time frame more possible. A lot of Company’s still have not roled out XP, they are gonna get new PCs with Vista, but probably format them and put on the OS they standardize on throughout their organization, whether its good old Windows 2000 or Windows XP.

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