Office 2007 Blogs Update

Here are list of available Office 2007 Blogs so far, I don’t see Office Groove yet.

Microsoft® Office Access

What’s New in Access “12” (Eric Rucker)


Microsoft® Office Excel®

What’s New in Excel “12” (David Gainer)


Microsoft® Office FrontPage

What’s New in FrontPage “12” (Rob Mauceri)


Microsoft® Office OneNote®

A User-oriented View of OneNote “12” (Chris Pratley)

OneNote General (Owen Braun)


Microsoft® Office Outlook®

Outlook General (Will Kennedy, GM)

Outlook Tasks and Time Management (Melissa MacBeth)

RSS/Search/Sharing (Michael Affronti)

Outlook Programmability (Ryan Gregg)


Microsoft® Office Project

What’s New in Project “12” (Dieter Zirkler)


Microsoft® Office Publisher

Publisher “12”, XPS and more (Jeff Bell)

What’s New in Publisher “12”


Microsoft® Office Visio

Visio “12” (Eric Rockey)


Microsoft® Office Word

What’s New in Word “12” (Joe Friend)


Microsoft® Windows SharePoint Services

Windows SharePoint Services (PJ Hough)

Document Management, Workflow, & Records Management (Rob Lefferts)


Office “12” New User Interface

Office “12” New User Interface (Jensen Harris)


Office “12” New XML File Format

Office “12” New XML File Format (Brian Jones)


Publishing XPS Documents

Publishing XPS Documents (Andy Simonds)

Publisher “12”, XPS and more (Jeff Bell)


PDF Support in Office “12”

PDF Support in Office “12” (Cyndy Wessling)


TechTalk with Steven Sinofsky

TechTalk with Steven Sinofsky

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