Microsoft Preps For Its Next Windows Vista Milestone

From Microsoft Watch
"The Vista February CTP test build and a first beta of new Vista deployment tools are both expected next week, according to beta testers.
Microsoft still is expected to deliver the next Windows Vista milestone, the February Community Technology Preview release, next week — most likely on Feb. 21, according to testers briefed last month by Microsoft.

While beta testers contacted this week said they had received no updated information as to when to expect the so-called February Community Technology Preview, most said they were still expecting it to arrive on February 21, as Microsoft privately told testers a month ago.

Around the same time that it releases the updated test build of its next version of Windows, Microsoft also is expected to launch a beta of deployment tools designed to help corporations implement Vista.

Microsoft invited hundreds of TAPs (Technology Adoption Partners) — its pool of elite beta testers—to the Redmond, Wash., campus on Jan. 24 and 25. There, according to participants who asked not to be named, Microsoft officials said the next Vista CTP was slated for Feb. 21. TAP testers said the follow-on release, the Customer Preview Program CTP, is slated for April."

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I’m definitely excited about it, I have not been able to deliver my 5270 Preview yet, but will this weekend. Been so busy, so bear with me. 🙂


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11 responses to “Microsoft Preps For Its Next Windows Vista Milestone

  1. Gabriel

    I\’m looking forward to it. It kind of confirm the rumors I heard.
    Have a nice week end.

  2. Andre

    Whats exciting is, its feature complete, meaning everything is in, not working fully probably, but we will get to play with all the features. 🙂

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