Bright Ads Said my MSN Space is useless!

Received an e-mail today from BrightAds Service telling me that my space has not matched their criteria for generating enough revenue and clicks. Read the letter:
"Hello Andre,

Although BrightAds may have already been activated automatically on your MSN® Space, we find now that we must suspend publication. After a routine review, our editors have determined that your MSN Space isn’t the good fit for BrightAds that we hoped it would be. Be assured, however, that any payments due you prior to this change will be honored.

In order for BrightAds to work for you it’s important that the ads we serve match the content on your MSN Space. A good match means Web surfers are exposed to products and services that we know they may be interested in, while our advertisers receive traffic from qualified consumers. So, despite the quality of your MSN Space, it’s just not a good match for the BrightAds program at this time.

As we expand BrightAds in the future, new opportunities may open up for your MSN Space to be successful using BrightAds. If they do, we’ll let you know.

Thank you for your interest in BrightAds.

The BrightAds team"

Well, thanks so much for believing in me, I hope I get my $8.09 soon.



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6 responses to “Bright Ads Said my MSN Space is useless!

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