Microsoft readying Vista marketing blitz


"SAN FRANCISCO–Aiming to re-create the excitement that accompanied the launch of Windows 95, Microsoft is gearing up for a massive campaign to launch Windows Vista.

Chairman Bill Gates has tasked the Windows marketing team with repeating its achievements with the decade-ago launch, such as convincing scores of people to line up at retail stores to purchase the operating system. The marketing budget won’t be finalized until the end of Microsoft’s fiscal year in June, but "regardless of that, we’re still being held to that goal," said Dave Block, a senior product manager for Vista."

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My Say

I am not too sure, 1995 was such a different time, a majority of persons had to go out and buy it, simply because access to online stores didn’t exist, millions of Windows/PC users didn’t even have access to the Internet. Times have changed, and expect I persons will be acquiring Windows Vista, by purchasing a copy off,, Wal-Mart, Target, Office-Depot.

And lets not forget the major OEMs too who will be selling PC’s with the software pre-loaded, persons will also be going the online route. Windows 95 brought in a new era of excitement and wonder when it came to computing. Today, persons can easily start experiencing that through a number of avenues with Windows Vista instead of going out, standing in line all day these include Subscription services that deliver the software to you, so you know that you are getting it, Public BETA Programs and I know Microsoft will be having a Public BETA 2 program for Vista when the time comes.

Of course, persons will be running the RC1 release well into 2007 until it expires with no rush to buy the full version software. So, to say Windows Vista is going to regenerate a similar buzz like Windows 95 is a bit hard to imagine in todays world unless they are going to give people incentives to do so. And who in their right mind is gonna stand in line in a cold October month just to purchase software, Windows 95 was released in the warm month of August 1995. Times have changed, I would focus on promoting Vista through new avenues such as the popular blog, TV commericials and seminars over a one year period just to create some awareness about the operating system. The whole world probably already know about Windows Vista, I am probably responsible for telling my entire community about it already.


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3 responses to “Microsoft readying Vista marketing blitz

  1. Stephen

    Andre –
    I agree with your thoughts on Vista and it most likely being a hard sell. Most people aren\’t even aware that a new Windows is set to be released this year. Sure there have been scores of ad\’s for XP both in television and print media, but I\’d say now would be a good time to start warming everyone up to Vista. Plus, many companies just upgraded to XP Pro, so it\’s going to be a tough sell without incentives as you mentioned to migrate to Vista right away. In any case, Microsoft has a lot of work ahead of them.

  2. Andre

    Hey Stephen,
    A majority of the PC\’s where I work are still on 2000 Professional, not to mention some of the Servers running a combination of NT 4 Server, 2000 Server and Server 2003.
    I would say roughly that 20% are XP and the rest 2000. Hopefully my Company will just move the rest including the XP installs to Vista when they are ready, but of course you know we have to do internal testing, ensure that custom apps compatible and just wait on others to take the first dive so we can learn from their mistakes.
    For some, the first SP1 or even SP2 for Vista will probably be when they will roll out Vista or just accept it on new PCs preinstalled.

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