Will your PC keep pace with Vista?

"How does Windows Vista love thy computer? Let it count the ways.

Microsoft is building into the new operating system a tool that will rate a PC based on how well it is running and on how much it can take advantage of Vista’s capabilities.

The "Windows Performance Rating," which can be seen in the latest test version of the operating system, evaluates components such as the processor, the memory, the hard drive and graphics cards to come up with an overall score.

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Well, both of my computers a desktop and a laptop have gotten 2 and 1 respectively. I probably would have gotten a 3 on the desktop if I had more hard disk space. I am running Windows Vista 5308 on a 10GB partition which barely enough for the latest CTP which eats hefty 8GBs of hard disk space. I suspect the size has a lot to do with the plethora of drivers the OS comes with, hopefully this will be trimmed down in subsequent builds and utilize Microsoft and Windows Update to install the latest compatible Vista drivers.

Performance rating is quite nice though, especially in 5308, in prior builds it was really rough around edges, but its working nicely now though. I definitely need to remerge some partitions and redistributes some free space so I can get a better rating.


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