Microsoft Ends Week of Delays with New Vista Test Build

"Windows Vista is running behind schedule, but that doesn’t mean the Vista test process has ground to a halt.

On Friday afternoon, March 24, Microsoft will release a new test build of Vista to its TAP (Technology Adoption Partner) elite tester pool, as well as to TechBeta testers, Microsoft officials confirmed.

The company will not make the new 5342 build available to a wider audience, however.

"The code is currently going through the final stages of testing and will be published to for access by TAP customers, when testing is complete," a Microsoft spokesperson said."

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I am running Windows Vista Ultimate Build 5342 right now. How would I best descibe it? Awesome! Its faster, more responsive and there are some cool effects, plus a new snipping tool for taking screenshots and cropping them. There are also some nice window animations and fade in-out log in animation. I posted some screenshots over at, you can check them out here


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5 responses to “Microsoft Ends Week of Delays with New Vista Test Build

  1. Ian

    I\’m running 5342 right now as well. It works better than 5308 but the LUA stuff still gets in my way…but Office sure does run nice. Vista is shaping up to be a decent release. I\’m much more hopeful that we\’ll see Windows releases every 18-24 months post Vista. Have you had a chance to play around with Server 2007….err I mean Longhorn Server?

  2. Andre

    Yes, LUA is still a PITA, but I know that is being worked on, I think they are deciding on what really needs permission. But I am really impressed with the performance and the general look and feel of the product.
    As for releases every 18 – 24months, I think Windows Vista is the foundation for that possibility, I would really like to see more regular releases for consumers. It would also reduce the easy attacks that accumulate over a update period. If you look at Apple, OS 10.0 was released in March 2001, Windows XP was release in October 2001. Mac OS X has been through 5 releases over time, those releases have continually embraced security and fixed problems that have arised in previous versions.
    Windows has been on one release since 2001, and regardless of the feature updates such as Tablet PC, MCE, they were targetted specifically at ensuring that codebase was secure, Apple did that plus features in OS X. I hope Microsoft will incorporate some of that methodology in future releases of Windows.
    I have tested Longhorn Server since 5112 and I can\’t get Active Directory Services to work right, I tried connecting 2000 Pro, XP Pro and Vista clients to it and all I get is SRV Record errors. I connect to a Server 2003 Domain and I don\’t get any of this, I really don\’t know what I am doing wrong.

  3. Mohammed Imran

    LUA, is sure a bugging point to me too, i use linux, and i dont get bugged so much, as most of my work is done in console, so i just so sudo -i and bamm i am a super user, do my work and go along, mostly i need super permission, when i install software,  change system settings, but what ever i do in my home folder is my problem, but when i walk out of my home i need to be su and follow the law.Well i hope they really identify places where to ask for Su.

  4. Unknown

    Could you post the wallpapers from the build 5342? I can\’t find them anywhere….

  5. Unknown

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