Vista Delay Is No PC Worry, IDC Says

From eWeek
"The late arrival of Microsoft’s Windows Vista isn’t expected to wield a serious blow to PC shipments, a new report by IDC says.

The software giant on March 21 said it would delay the general release of Vista, its next-generation operating system for PCs, to January 2007. The OS had been scheduled for wide release this fall, although Microsoft said it would offer large businesses the code to upgrade to Vista in November.

The decision will have some impact on PC shipments, but it will be limited, as businesses aren’t likely to change their plans-most will evaluate the OS for at least a year before rolling it out-following the change. Consumer PCs will feel the brunt of the blow. But even that could be smaller than originally thought, IDC said, as part of a regular update of its worldwide PC shipment forecast.

"Some consumers will certainly delay PC purchases until Vista is available, but we expect the delay to shift only moderate volume from the fourth quarter of 2006 into 2007 and will not cause a loss of sales," said Loren Loverde, director of IDC’s Worldwide PC Tracker, in Framingham, Mass., in a statement. "The timing of the release will have some impact on when consumers buy, but not so much on whether or not they buy."

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I have to honestly say that the delay of Windows Vista until January 2007 has made a slight impact on my next PC purchase. I will probably not be purchasing a new computer until around March 2007, just at least wait it out and see what type of machines are available on the market with OS pre-loaded, I will not be only looking at Dell, but other PC manufacturers such as Gateway, HP, Toshiba and Acer, since I am in the market specifically for Tablet PC. I want a really powerful notebook, with lots RAM, good graphics, hopefully 64-bit and nice display.

In the mean time, what I will probably do is upgrade the graphics card in my present PC’s to better support some of Vista’s exclusive features such as Aero Glass user experience. I notice that the OS gets a bit groggy after opening up a total of 20 windows.


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