Windows Vista Capable PC Hardware Guidelines

"Windows Vista Capable PCs facilitate the transition to Windows Vista by providing hardware requirements and guidelines to customers so they can make informed decisions on purchasing and deploying PCs capable of running Windows Vista before Windows Vista launches. Providing guidance on Windows Vista Capable PC hardware requirements reassures customers that their near-term PC investments will retain their value after Windows Vista is available.

Hardware requirements and recommendations for the Windows Vista Capable PCs have been selected to ensure that PC systems and components that fit these criteria will run Windows Vista and will enable the next generation of Windows applications. Enterprise Planning Guidelines are based on these hardware requirements and recommendations. By using these guidelines to procure PC system hardware, customers should be able to deploy systems that will upgrade well to Windows Vista after the launch of Windows Vista. In this way, customers can protect their PC investments today."

Read the rest here

An excellent read that provides some improved clarity on hardware support for Windows Vista. Also check out the link to a list of ‘modern CPUs’ that support Windows Vista. This has not been very clear to be honest, but I would say its finally begining to show.


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13 responses to “Windows Vista Capable PC Hardware Guidelines

  1. Mohammed Imran

    Dude, i am finally in the beta programme, i wil be downloading it,
    the only weak link in my PC is the GPU which is GF Mx 400.

  2. Andre

    Congratulations Imran, I hope you enjoy Windows Vista. Too bad about the Video card, I didn\’t get Glass either on my 64 bit system, I notice that Vista needs a dedicated GPU, shared system memory does not help the cause.
    The minimum amount of Video RAM is 64 MBs.

  3. Mohammed Imran

    Hey thanks man, i just happen to go to place where i was advised as to how, i need to get into the beta program and be invited for the beta.I have to go to Ms Connect Website for all my Vista stuff, although i am a beta tester for Office 12, i dont have a beta no ID here for Vista, do u have a beta tester ID or no?the fun part is that my Processor is not modern as its AMD 3200+ Barton core, will add 512 MB more mem, and Nvidia 6800 GS or GT GPU card, and yeah i wont buy a system as i like to hand built my system.But i may buy a tablet pc like you with your kind of specs, as long i can play 3 D games, now that Alien ware is bought by Dell we can expect to have a cool laptop , better collect loads of cash yeah.Yeah it does need a dedicated GPU, very true, coz the new rendering engine needs Shader 2.0, but the Compiz engine in linux made by Novell, supports my GPU and i can do all kind of effects like i do in Vista, nearly.The funny thing is that in linux using Wine , applications run faster then they do in Windows xp lol. Cheers

  4. Mohammed Imran

    And with my GPU class i should be getting Tier 2 , since i have a 64 Mb 3D acceleration GPU.i got spare 20 GB to burn, but i dont have a DVD drive, so i will try to back it upto multiple CD\’s and then take to my friend and burn it their.

  5. Unknown

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