Microsoft looks to enticing future with all-singing Windows Vista

"The first upgrade to Windows for five years, though a bit delayed, should be worth the wait
Taking the long view; the virtual pressroom of Windows Vista, expected to be the most visually appealing version yet of Microsoft’s operating system yet.
IF ITS name is anything to go by, Windows Vista should be something to behold. But computer users eager to get their hands on what has been called the most significant upgrade to Microsoft’s ubiquitous software will have to wait just a little longer to view it. 
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I picture Windows Vista as being a truly seamless user experience. The latest interim build 5342 continues to perform well. The interface is sweet, its getting faster and effects are cool. Its definitely treat, all my hardware is detected, except for occasional glitch on some devices, such as my Modem audio not working, but I really don’t care, I use DSL. Just the general feel of the OS is so much better compared to Windows XP, you feel held back when using it, Vista is much lighter.
Vista also includes a lot of great features for both security, management and entertainment, Photo Gallery, Windows Calendar, Media Player 11, with that awesome interface that makes navigating large music collections a whole lot easier, Peer-to-Peer collaboration software for creating ad-hoc meetings. Security is also much improved, running as a Standard user means you are protected from malicious software from destroying data or bogging down the system. There is so much it would take a who article to tell you about it. In the mean time, check to learn about some of great stuff coming in this major update to Windows.


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3 responses to “Microsoft looks to enticing future with all-singing Windows Vista

  1. David

    Yup, I\’m looking forward to it. All the naysayers are just trying to bash Vista regardless.  Seems to be a great next step in the evolution of the OS. 

  2. Unknown


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