Microsoft Readies ‘Monaco’ Competitor to Apple’s GarageBand

"Just because users soon will be able to run Windows on Intel-based Macs doesn’t mean Microsoft is backing away from competition with the Mac operating system. In fact, Microsoft is aiming straight at Apple with a forthcoming music-making program for Windows Vista.
Some industry watchers have portrayed Apple Computer’s decision to make Windows available as a dual-boot on Intel-based Mac OS X systems as a big win for Microsoft. Microsoft doesn’t seem to be taking the move as a sign that it can call off the dogs, however.

Microsoft is still pushing full-steam-ahead with a music-making program, code-named "Monaco," according to Microsoft partners who requested anonymity. Monaco would be very similar to Apple’s GarageBand application, but would be optimized to take advantage of Windows Vista and the Aero user interface.

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Interesting, I suspect you will likely see this in the Edition of Microsoft Plus! for Windows Vista add on pack or even available as a free download to users who purchase the Ultimate Edition of Vista. I am not really excited about this type of application, I guess maybe I prefer acquiring and listening to music than creating it. It should be a fun application to use especially since it will be utilizing some of the foundation technologies of Windows Vista such as Windows Presentation Foundation. I am not gonna say there isn’t anything like this available on the Windows Platform, but easy to use is probably not there, software such as Reason and Sonic are just too difficult to learn and disinteresting. Even Garage Band does not excite me, a similar application is bundled with Toast Titanium 7, I was playing with it and it just turned me off. So, if Monaco is easy to use with a cool inviting interface and great help assistant, I probably might be interested in making some melodies. It should have some advantage over Garage Band with virtual keyboard, should be cool looking too on a wide screen display. 🙂


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65 responses to “Microsoft Readies ‘Monaco’ Competitor to Apple’s GarageBand

  1. Mohammed Imran

    Andre,Although you could run, Windows Xp on Mac, the hardware is the real price you pay for, which all know. And its most beneficial if one already owns a Mac, coz over here it cost 12,000 AED for the 21 inch Mac.Thats wholy crap price to pay for style, i can build a jet engine with these money in the pc world, and built a sexy system to life of 4 years or less.And i am filing bug reports for Vista, how about you. And hey when is the next built comming out yeah?I checked at Creative, for Vista, they got drivers for some , i would need to get a new soundcard, new DVD burner, i am getting GPU, and Mem.And when Vista comes then i will hand built a new system.

  2. Unknown

    where can i download this program??i looked for it everywhere but i cant find it??

  3. chnzhiwu

  4. chnzhiwu

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