To wait or not to wait? Vista delay raises the issue

"Shortly after Microsoft’s recent announcement that Windows Vista would be delayed for consumers until January, the e-mails began to flow into my inbox.

Their gist: "I was planning on waiting until this fall to buy a new PC so I could get one with Windows Vista pre-installed. I don’t want to wait until January! What should I do?"

Microsoft’s March surprise was bad news for the companies that make and sell PCs. They were counting on a big holiday shopping season boosted by the marketing push Microsoft was sure to make with Vista. Most analysts believe the traditional fourth-quarter computer-buying orgy will be little more than a game of spin the bottle this year.

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An excellent article, discussing some of the drawbacks of the recent Windows Vista delay and making purchasing decisions when it comes to buying a new PC. I agree that if you do have a PC thats working just fine right now with either ME, 2000 or XP, its best you hold out until Windows Vista appears on market preloaded on OEM systems. But, if you are desparate need of a new system and upgrading your existing system seems like a massive chore, I would immediately purchase a new system now. Sacrificing productivity and reliability just to get a new OS is not always best. I remember in March 2004 when I purchased my Dell 8300 System, I was moving away from my old IBM Aptiva, which was purchased in early 2000, 2 months later that system died. Imagine, if I had waited another 2 months before purchasing that Dell? The hard drive could not be recovered either, so the data I had on it was gone, but it was backed up to the new system anyway, so I was in the no problems.

Persons who need a system but can wait, can also purchase a very good system a little before Vista appears and probably get an upgrade coupon, so avenues are there for acquiring Windows Vista.

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