Vista: Expect a Premium Push (With Premium Prices)

"Microsoft still isn’t talking specifics regarding its Windows Vista pricing plans. But company watchers are predicting the Redmond software maker could reap big rewards from its planned premium-edition push.
Microsoft is still holding many specifics about Windows Vista — pricing among them — close to the vest. But Redmond’s reticence to talk isn’t stopping company watchers from speculating.

Goldman Sachs & Co. analyst Rick Sherlund issued a research note earlier this month, noting that Goldman is now figuring Microsoft could garner an extra $1.5 billion per year in revenues simply by persuading users to buy the premium Vista versions.

Microsoft announced earlier this year that it is readying six core Vista packages, or SKUs: Windows Starter 2007; Windows Vista Enterprise; Windows Vista Home Basic, Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows Vista Ultimate, and Windows Vista Business.

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I am still concerned about what will be in Ultimate Edition for me as a consumer that will make it worthy over Home Premium. I know I will get Vista Enterprise on the desktop at work. For Ultimate Edition, its enticing that it will combine features from both Home Premium and Enterprise, but I will probably need a Tablet PC instead of a desktop, I usually don’t carry home work from the Office, so its a bit confusing here. Like I said, I will get Enterprise Edition on my desktop at work, does it mean I need to get Ultimate on my machine at home?

The reason I ask these questions is simply because I am looking for value in Windows Vista, both at home and work. Its possible that Ultimate Edition will include a lot of online services for Genuine customers, but what will these services be? I need to see the cost first before I decide, if Ultimate replaces the premium price of XP Professional today, I will probably go for it instead. Right now, I am a bit in the dark.


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2 responses to “Vista: Expect a Premium Push (With Premium Prices)

  1. Trevor

    Hi Andre, long time no chat! I hope all is well!Microsoft has released estimated prices for Office 2007 here. I haven\’t seen any pricing on Visto tho. Cheers

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