Vista Promises Group Policy Overhaul

From eWeek
"Tech Analysis: The Group Policy Management Console will be the primary tool for domainwide Group Policy Objects management for the foreseeable future and that the tool automatically will grow and evolve in step with the Windows operating system.

Whenever it officially ships, Windows Vista will bring a lot of new power and flexibility to Microsoft’s Group Policy. Some changes are sexy and obvious, while others remain under the covers, but all are significant and could cause some refocusing among third-party vendors that have sprouted up in the Microsoft ecosystem to deal with various deficiencies in previous iterations of Windows and Group Policy.

Vista will be the first Windows operating system to include the newer GPMC (Group Policy Management Console). Unlike previous generations of Microsoft’s Group Policy management tools, the GPMC coalesces all GPOs (Group Policy Objects) into a single interface and allows administrators to easily link the objects to Domains, Sites or OUs (Organizational Units) in AD (Active Directory).

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