The Vista Plunge, Considered

"A Ferris wheel and Jay Leno. That’s what I remember most from Microsoft’s gala launch of Windows 95. That operating system—a great improvement over its predecessor, Windows 3.11—debuted at a big party in a field on Microsoft’s Redmond campus. But Microsoft didn’t need the carnival or the comic; Windows 95 stood on its own.

Eleven years later, it’s déjà vu all over again. Despite a recently announced delay, the long, slow slog to Windows Vista is drawing to a close. Just as Windows 95 delivered a radically improved experience compared with Windows 3.11, Vista promises a similar leap over XP.

Although it won’t ship until early next year, you can actually start using it within a few weeks, if not already. Microsoft plans to offer a beta copy of Vista to anyone with a few bucks."

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7 responses to “The Vista Plunge, Considered

  1. chris

    Here is the thread i started on neowin, – Tech_kid_2006 from neowin

  2. Jesus

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