Microsoft Details Vista’s Media Features

From BETANews
"Microsoft on Monday detailed innovations coming in Windows Vista that the company believes makes the operating system superior in the delivery of multimedia. This would include several enhancements to Windows Media itself as well as expanded functionality within Windows Media Center, now standard in Vista.

The company is promoting the new features of its upcoming operating system at the National Association of Broadcasters convention being held this week in Las Vegas. With online multimedia becoming more prevalent, traditional broadcasters are increasingly interesting in utilizing the Internet as a method for delivery.

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I am on Windows Vista Build 5365 and I must say the interface is all about multimedia, I am surfing the web, part of Office Live Meeting, watching Spiderman 1 and its just amazing. the performance, good, still a bit jerky, I think I might need to upgrade this video card system since Vista’s system rating gave me a 2.5 rating interms of performance and quality.

But trust me, Vista is looking to be an absolute magnet for multimedia, I just used the new Sound Recorder to record my voice, the output was just amazing, clear and sharp. I wish the Windows Vista Team could put a POD Casting feature into Vista, so I could upload them to my MSN Space and let you listen to them. I can also use the Volume Per-App to control, notification sounds from apps such as Messenger, so I would have any interference in my recordings. Just having this power built into Windows is really gonna get people excited. I just hope Microsoft markets it well showing both opportunities for consumers, developers and other partners in the Industry.

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