Plan now for Windows Vista

"Before you know it, January 2007 will be here. That’s when Microsoft says its new operating system, Windows Vista, will be released to consumers. (It is expected to be ready for businesses this November). If you’re thinking of buying a new computer before then, you will want to consider what you’ll need to upgrade, if that’s your plan.

Microsoft promises Vista will be much more secure than Windows XP and will give you a three-dimensional view.

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These and other new features are going to require lots of horsepower. Problem is, it’s not entirely clear what "lots of horsepower" means. Microsoft has not yet issued its formal system requirements for Vista.

So, what’s a new computer buyer to do? You can get around this issue by shopping carefully, but you’re probably best off by waiting. If you buy a computer in January, it likely will come with Vista.

Unfortunately, not everyone can wait. Dribs and drabs of information have leaked out about system requirements. Keeping in mind that things could change, here’s what we think we know so far:

Processing: Microsoft says you need a "modern CPU." It does not define that but links to the AMD and Intel websites. Given the information on those two sites, it appears that practically all of their chips are acceptable. So, essentially, the microprocessor is not an issue. Buy a computer with an Intel or AMD microprocessor, and you should be fine.

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I would like to provide more emphasis on the processing power. Go for an AMD Athlon X2 or Intel Pentium D, both available in dual core. Choosing a Celeron or Sempron to run Vista efficiently with all of its bells and whitsles is just selling yourself short.


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10 responses to “Plan now for Windows Vista

  1. David

    It seems like a much more capable graphics card is much more of a necessary with Vista now as well.  Our household has a ~4 yr old computer and a new computer I just built in preparation for Vista. It will be interesting to see how Vista compares on the two.

  2. Andre

    You got that right David, Graphics is still tricky part of Vista. And I find it hard to determine still, my machine running Vista 5365  has an nVidia Geforce FX 5200 128 MB AGP and after opening 20 windows, Glass feels really slow and bogged down. I would go for the fastest video card you can afford, 256 MB and up.
    If I could afford one of those 512 MB cards from ATI or nVidia right now such as the 7900 GTX or XT1900 right I would be happy person. But you have take into consideration if these cards have drivers ready, I think they do.

  3. Zack


  4. Zack

    Oh my God, who the hell\’s been using my name on here??!? 😮
    WTF?!? What so you\’re trying to say horrible things to this lad and blame it on me are yer?!?!?
    SICK!! – apologies to Andre if any harm done, it\’s not me by far :-@

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