Reading the New York Times, with Vista

The New York Times Reader using Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation display technology.
"Microsoft Windows provides a free Reader program for electronic books and newspapers and, not surprisingly, there is a new version that uses the new graphics facilities in Windows Vista. The New York Times plans to exploit this new Reader by offering a version of the paper that reproduces the appearance of the printed version, but also exploits the ability to have Web links, add notes, search and so on.

According to Arthur Sulzberger Jr, publisher of The New York Times, it’s blending "the accessibility and the portability of print … with the immediacy and interactivity of the Web," according to a report in The Seattle Times."

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Was reading about this on Longhorn Blogs and I must say its definitely awesome, seeing the text flow flawlessly no matter how the window is resized. I just hope it gets embraced and encouraged by more news paper companies as a new exciting way consume information and there definitely is big advantage for the reader to do so. The content is more alive through new technologies made possible by the Internet such as RSS, Broadband, so you can always have up to date information.


The New York Times

Microsoft Press Pass Release


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