JAVA, Windows Vista, AERO Glass

I downloaded the beta 2 copy of Java Mustang which enables Glass support in certain Java based applications. I don’t know if you have experienced this, when you open an app built around Java, it turns off DWM. With Mustang it does not and the app blends in beautifully.
I am running this on the latest build of Windows Vista 5381.1


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31 responses to “JAVA, Windows Vista, AERO Glass

  1. Deansweb2004

    Any screenshots taken Andre?

  2. Andre

    Well, LimeWire works beautifully with Glass. :-p

  3. Mohammed Imran

    Hello Andre, i finally got my self 6800 GT, but sadly i cannot, njoy
    the Aero UI, as with the latest driver, glass is like very no no, the
    CPU usuage is so much that when i move the window from left to right,
    or just move it, it teleports it self, , it wont come along, its like
    jumping+teleporting etc.

    And what are your bets for Beta 2 code release, any surprises eh?

  4. Andre

    Hi Imran,
    Have you tried using the drivers developed by nVidia for the February CTP 5308 instead of the native ones that come with Vista?
    Also, my bets are placed on WinHEC 2006 for BETA 2 release, thats May 22 to 24, 2006.

  5. Mohammed Imran

    Well currently their are three versions of drivers that are out, one which comes with Vista, other is the Feb CTP one and third are the leaked ones.I don\’t know which one is the Native version, but 87.45 Feb CTP and leaked ones is 87.98 something like that, so when i got hold of vista as a BT,i didnt have a shader 3.x GPU, so when i got one which is 6800 GT, then i enabled glass, and found that it was useless. I do get Glass, but what of its use, when the UI is so crappy.Let me explain, its like the windows when its moved from one place to another on the desktop, in a straight , diagonal, etc, way, i find the window, jumps, not come along with the mouse pointer. Let me give you one more example, take a rubber band, and keep one side firm between your hands,and pull them apart, and then only release one side, and you find the rubber band comes racing to you, in a snap fashion.I am getting much better, graphics in Linux then in Vista, you should see the way windows wobble like jelly, or ripples like they are brushed by the winds.And when i de-select the windows all go translucent.Thats the way it should be.CC:Your email

  6. Unknown

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