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WC: Getting Ready for Windows Vista BETA 2 – QuickStarter-FAQ [UPDATED]

I have once again updated my Windows Vista BETA 2 FAQ/Getting Started Guide, you can check out the additional content at the following link:
Thanks, hope you are enjoying Windows Vista BETA 2. 🙂
June 14th, 2006.


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Getting Ready for Windows Vista BETA 2 – QuickStarter-FAQ

Ok, its updated again, please note, its not gospel and because of the variety of configurations out there some of the recommendations might not work on your system.


What is Windows Vista BETA 2?

Windows Vista BETA 2 is a test pre-release/preview version of the next version of Windows client operating system.


Who is the Windows Vista BETA 2 for?

IT Professionals, Developers, Enthusiast, people who like to back up their data and try out new things and don’t have issues just in case something goes wrong installing the software.


What is the system requirements for running Windows Vista?

Bare minimum:

DVD Drive

800 MHz PC

15 GBs of free hard disk space

512 MBs of RAM

64-MBs of vRAM – For AERO Glass


Premium Ready PC:

DVD Drive


20 GBs of free hard disk space

512 MBs of RAM

128 MBs of vRAM

Lear more at the following link:


How do I install Windows Vista BETA 2?

There are a few methods available, you can use either Virtual Drive software such as Daemon Tools 4.03 or NERO Image Drive. You can burn the DVD as an image using DVD Burning software such as Roxio or NERO.



Insert a Blank DVD, open Nero StartSmart > change the media type to DVD > select Copy and Backup > click "Burn Image to Disc" > navigate to where the Windows Vista BETA 2 Image is stored on your hard disk, (note: if you don’t see it, make sure the image file type is changed to ISO" click Open and the burning wizard will automatically start.



Open Creator Classic > click File > "Record Disc from Image" > navigate to where the Windows Vista BETA 2 Image is stored >click Open and the burning process will automatically start.


Ensure that the ISO burns at a low speed, recommended speed, 2x for best results.


How should I install Windows Vista BETA 2?

This is very important, ensure you are installing on a clean logical partition with enough free space. If you have a spare installation of Windows XP SP2 you don’t mind ruining, you can upgrade from that or you can start the new installation by booting from the DVD drive, (make sure your boot drive in your BIOS is set to the optical drive). I launched setup from within XP, type in my Product Key > Accept the EULA > click Custom > select the partition you created for Windows Vista.


Note: If you want to upgrade Windows XP make sure you launch setup from within Windows XP SP2, upgrades are not supported by booting from the DVD. Upgrades are not supported for Windows XP Professional x64 Edition at all.


Most important of all, back up any important data you might have on that computer you plan on installing Vista.


For persons with SATA/RAID configurations, please ensure you have appropriate drivers for either x86 or x64 platform to load when requested during setup. Also remove any unnecessary external devices that might cause problems detecting during setup, this includes external drives and USB based devices.


Can I install Windows Vista in a Virtual environment and which software do you recommend?

First of all, I would say Virtual PC 2004 is not a recommend choice, but persons have been successful. I recommend using VM Ware Workstation 5.5 or Virtual Server 2005 R2. VM Ware Workstation 5.5 preferrably. The more RAM you assign to the Virtual Machine, the better the experience, I recommend a minimum of 512 MBs or more.

You can download the VM Ware trial here:  

Virtual Server 2005 R2:



How long does Windows Vista BETA 2 take to install?

It depends, my install took 35 mins, some install times can vary depending on the system configuration, so I would say 35 to 40 mins, but don’t be surprised if it takes 75 mins.


What happens during setup?

Windows copies files to the disk, expands them, and restarts a couple times, install features, installs updates and Completes setup. During the install routine there can be signs of delay but usually its just a delay and setup will continue just fine.


What happens after Windows Vista is installed?

After setup Completes, your Computer reboots, you are then taken to the Out of Box Experience Page. The first page configures your keyboard, I defaulted to US English, > Next is User account information, and selecting a nice profile picture, next a nice wallpaper and you are ready to start using Windows Vista.


Where is the Boot logo?

This has not been finalized yet.


How do I activate Windows Vista?

Click Start > right click Computer > click "Properties" > scroll down > under Windows Activation "Click here to activate Windows"? You have a 14 day grace period to activate the software, if you refuse to activate during the 14 day grace period, the software will go into Reduced Functionality Mode and require that you activate the software before continued use.


Where is the Administrator account and how do I log into it?

By default, the Administrator account in Windows Vista does not require a password, its blank. Also, you can only access the Administrator account in safe mode. 


Where do you send in bugs and report bugs?

For Feedback:

Feedback reporting tool:

Here are some things to consider when filing a problem report:

Please file your report as soon as possible after you find a problem. The sooner we hear from you, the sooner we can investigate and try to fix the problem.

Please provide a brief, descriptive title. The title is the first thing we see when we get the report, so a succinct, clear title will help us effectively identify and prioritize the problem.

Please provide enough detail in the description for us to understand the problem. The more detail you can provide, the better.

Please provide the steps we can follow to reproduce the problem. Any incorrect or missing steps can prevent us from being able to reproduce and address the problem.
If you have any supplemental files, screen shots, etc., that will help us investigate the problem, please attach those to your report. Seeing a picture can sometimes help us identify the problem more quickly.

Some of my devices are not working, what do I do?

You can do a couple things, check the manufacturers website for updates. If your internet connection is working in Windows Vista, I suggest you try obtaining the drivers through Windows Update. Click Start > All Programs > Windows Update > Turn on Windows Update. A list of available updates will then be downloaded, you will have the option to view them, do so and check off the appropriate drivers you need and click Install.

I need AntiVirus software, are there any out there for Windows Vista BETA 2?

You are in luck, here are few recommended choices:
here are 2 others:
Avast 4.7 32-bit
run "Bcdedit.exe /set nointegritychecks ON" from an elevated command prompt
on Vista x64 (Thanks Barb Bowman for the tip)

If something goes wrong in Windows Vista, you can always try using a restore point to fix the problem:
Click Start > right click Computer > click Properties > click Advanced System Settings under Taskpane > click System Protection > click System Restore and follow the instructions for restore your PC to an earlier point.

I don’t get the new Windows Vista AERO Glass user interface, why?
Windows AERO Glass requires that you have a minimum of 64 MBs video RAM that is Direct X 9 compliant and supports the Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM), formerly (LDDM). If your video card does not meet these requirements, its the likely cause why you are not seeing it. For onboard/integrated cards, you need to have 1 GB of dual channel memory installed with 512 MBs of RAM allocated to the system.

Where is the Windows XP Luna (Blue, Olive and Silver) themes?
This has been removed, the only available themes are Windows Classic, Standard, Vista Basic and Vista AERO. No word if Luna will return.

How can I edit and set the default operating system that starts up when I bootup my PC in an easy way?
VistaBootPRO would be your answer, it provides a graphical front end to BCDEdit Command line that makes it easy for you define startup settings and edit boot entries on the new Windows Longhorn Server/Vista boot manager.

How can I know if my PC is Vista ready or needs upgrading ?
Please note, the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor does not support Windows XP Professional x64.

Is it recommended I use Windows Vista in a production environment?
Well, this is a tricky question, since it is pre-released software which is still not ready for prime time. My recommendation would be no, its still too early and there is a guarantee of failure and there have been reports of system failure with Windows Vista BETA 2, so I would use it only for curiosity, enthusiasm and giving in feedback about what works and what does not work.

When will Windows Vista be available in stores and on new PCs?
Volume License customers can expect to receive Windows Vista through Software Assurance/Enterprise Agreements in November 2006, while consumers can expect to get the software on new PCs and retail copies of Vista some time in January of 2007.

How much will Windows Vista cost?
Pricing has not been determined yet.

How many editions of Windows Vista will be available?
There will be a total of 6 editions of Windows Vista available through different channels.
Starter Edition – only on new PC’s in emerging markets such as Asia, Mexico, Africa and others.
Home Basic
Home Premium
Enterprise – only available to Volume License Customers under Enterprise Agreements
Ultimate Edition
Learn more here: http://

Well, this is just some of what I am working on. Its still subject to change and I definitely welcome your feedback, suggestions and additional help. I will be posting this on Windows Connected and my blog. Anything else you need to know, just reply to it and I will update where necessary or add where necessary. Of course, the community will always be here, so the newsgroup is a great way to keep updated and get quick assistance. Thanks

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Windows Vista BETA 2 Public Release almost here

Thanks to Zack Whittaker of for this valuable information about accessing the Windows Vista BETA 2 download.

All the servers worldwide (Singapore, Redmond, California Server Farm, Dublin, and India) have been prepped and the public Beta 2 of Windows Vista is ready to download. There is no public release for Windows Server

"Longhorn" as yet.


*PLEASE NOTE – These links may not be live just yet – so far the links are up and ready but the actual builds are not. Keep refreshing the page – should be live today*


Download here:

– (English x86)

– (English x64)


– (German (x86)

– (German (x64)


– (Japanese (x86)

– (Japanese (x64)


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Check out My Windows Vista Mouse Pad!

I was cleaning out my room this morning and I stumbled across a bag with the hyperlink http://MSMARKET written on it, then I remembered a few months ago I received a promotional copy of Visual Studio 2005 Professional in it. There were some CD’s inside with miscellaneous data. I took out everything, low and behold, I couldn’t believe what I found – a Vista mousepad and 2 My Code Rocks stickers!
The Vista mouse pad is just awesome, its exact replica of the pearl logo first seen at WinHEC 2005. Its so pretty I don’t want to use it. I think I will save it for the launch. I still don’t know who at Microsoft sent these to me, but I just want to say THANKS! They ROCK!


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Accidents do happen, even to Furniture

The other night I came home from work and I was frightened to see my Computer Workstation desk in horrible a  state. One of the feet had broken off on the rear, leaving the workstation in a slant position. Miraculously nothing fell off, which is surprisingly strange, knowing that I had a stack of CD’s high on top of it. I used an old telephone directory as temporary stilt for time being, looks like its time to invest in a new one, I had this one since 2001.


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