I am still concerned about the new Windows Basic Theme for Vista

I just checked out the new Windows Vista Basic (Standard) theme on the Windows Vista Team Blog and I must say I am still not impressed. I first saw a glimpse of it on Brandon Leblanc’s (Sidebar Geek) blog at the Hive.net, thanks for catching it.
The Windows Vista’s Team idea of improvement.
Why can’t the Windows Vista Team go the extra mile, why must they be so darn cheap? What in heaven’s name could make you really want to give us those lousy Minimize, Restore and Maxmize buttons? Seriously, you can’t tell me those buttons in the Windows Vista AERO theme actually require a  Dual core processor, with a 2 GBs of RAM, 512 MB video card????? I am frustrated with the lack of focus on the UI in Windows Vista, its just so embarassing, why can’t you hire some interns from a graphics school or something to just focus on fixing those little UI problems we have been seeing in Windows Vista since BETA 1, that we were told would be fixed in "BETA 2"???
Give us what we really deserve!
Another thing, you are honestly telling me, the floating user icon on the AERO Start menu in Vista requires Glass too? Hello no, I don’t think so! If this is a tactic you are using for people to shell out cash on the premium editions of Vista then you are seriously embarassing me and yourselves. Also, the white Windows logo on the Classic Start menu button looks like you ran out of paint. I still don’t see what was so difficult about including the Windows XP LUNA themes and just stick a search box on the Start panel and call it a day. I love Glass, but I hate Basic, my laptop is currently using Basic because of the video card (32 MB – Geforce 4 440 Go). It runs XP just fine, no issues, 2 GHz P4 M, 768 MBs of RAM, but it barely can even open Solitaire in Vista. Its sad!
Check out the Windows Vista Team Blog here


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14 responses to “I am still concerned about the new Windows Basic Theme for Vista

  1. Colin

    I totally agree Andre.
    The larger buttons in the Aero theme make life easier when using a pen on a Tablet PC and they look SO much nicer.
    My main gripe, though, is that Office 2007 uses it\’s grey theme by default on Vista but the new Basic theme is blue. Let\’s hope that they resolve these issue before it\’s too late!

  2. Andre

    Hey Colin,
    I know the feeling, hopefully they will see the need to improve and stop with low quality stuff we have been seeing since BETA 1. As for Office 2007, I read on Jensen\’s blog, there will be more themes coming.

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