The Office 2007 Icons

Just got a chance to look at the new Office Icons, how would I describe my reaction? Stunning and about time. The last radical departure for Office icons was with Office 2000 released in 1999, which introduced a standard set of colourful, easy to understand pictorial representations. Office XP didn’t change anything much with executables except for a stronger color tone, while Office 2003 introduced a softer, Windows XP Style set of icons.
The new Office 2007 Icons.
With the Office 2007 set, it takes a bit getting accustomed to, but over time, you will file right at home launching them. The icons have a background box for each, its kinda similar to the Office 95/97 icons. Overall, they look cool, can’t wait to check them out in the next available test release for Office 2007.
Word 97 icon


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