A Burning Issue – The Fight for UI Consistency in Windows/Applications

Just checked out two great posts about the lack of effort that is being poured into some parts of the Windows interface. Example one, the Add Font dialog which Tekmaven of Bink.nu notes has been around since Windows 3.1. Nothing has changed, no utilization of Wizards or an updated dialog that shows the improvements that have been added to Windows over the years.


One of those things is the "Add Fonts" dialog, straight from Windows 3.1.  This dialog has been in Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, and Windows XP.  I think it’s time for an update, but aparently this is not on any list at Microsoft :).

Check out the post here 


And it’s a guarantee that at this stage of development in Windows Vista there won’t be a chance of the Windows Team updating it.


Brandon Leblanc also jumps in on the issue about the UI consistency that continues to plague Windows applications, especially Windows Vista. Some apps such as Mail, Calendar use a different theme from Media Player, MovieMaker and Photo Gallery.


The colors between different "types" of applications is a neat idea but I think the blue is just too much. And I don’t think that the average user is going to even be able to figure out why the apps have different colored toolbars.

 Check out the post here


As for Office 2007, have you all seen the non ribbon apps? They are so mismatched! Although I know Visio, Publisher, InfoPath and Project don’t have any need right now for the ribbon UI, at least keep some consistency going with the themes.


Outlook 2007 is a non-ribbon app and it uses the XP Blue or Vista Black theme when you change it in one of the core apps. Why limit the customization to just Access, PPT, Excel and Word.


Although there should be an understanding about applications designed for a specific purpose, where the look and feel provides a better experience when getting work done it doesn’t necessarily mean because it’s a new version it should necessarily be radical, as is the case with some elements of the Office 2007 applications.


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6 responses to “A Burning Issue – The Fight for UI Consistency in Windows/Applications

  1. Andrew

    Why isn\’t there a chance for the Vista team to update it? They are telling us that programs in Vista will still be polished and finalized – that it\’s not set in stone now. For example, the ADD NEW PRINTER wizard changed to the newer Vista-esque wizard in 5472… so why can\’t Microsoft change a simple dialog that adds fonts?

  2. Mohammed Imran

    the font dialog is neat 😉

  3. Andre

    Hi Andy, trust me, there are so many things that were promised as fixes for BETA 2 and even now they are the same, check the Folder Options Dialog, the IE Advanced (tab) dialog.

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