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Windows Media Player 11 BETA 2 – Released!



Windows Media Player 11 for Windows XP offers you unmatched choice and flexibility for your digital media. Easily manage your libraries of digital music, photos, and videos on your computer, and then sync with a variety of portable devices so you can enjoy it all wherever you want. Windows Media Player 11 is designed to work with all versions of Windows XP with Service Pack 2, including Windows XP Home Edition N and Windows XP Professional N.

PLEASE NOTE: If you use Windows Media Player to access a favorite online store, some are not available for this beta release. The following stores are available in the Windows Media Player 11 beta release: Audible, eMusic, f.y.e., Live365, Movielink, MSN Music, MusicGiants,Napster, Passalong, Puretracks, URGE, VidZone, Wal-Mart and XM Radio. For more information, see the Readme.

Download here
Thanks Volkan for the link!


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My Pre-Release Candidate 1 Preview of Windows Vista now on ActiveWin



" I have just posted his 21-page Microsoft Windows Vista Pre-RC 1 preview (Builds 5472 and 5536). In the preview, he discusses load times, installation times, an array of features (IE 7, multimedia, advanced, etc.) and much more. Included are over 20 screenshots. Below is an excerpt:

For me, installing the operating system has been a varied experience depending on the hardware; I tried different machines, all which successfully installed a combination of x86 and x64 platforms. The BETA 2 build released in May installed in approximately 35 to 40 minutes on both 32 and 64 bit hardware. Microsoft has since released updated builds (5456, 5472) otherwise known as interim releases. I recently installed 5472 (x86); the install time on my desktop and laptop were 59 minutes and 54 minutes respectively. A significant drop in performance there compared to build (5384 – BETA 2). Although we should take into consideration 5472 x64 is an interim release and does not reflect the same quality, as a milestone build such as BETA 2 or RC1 will be. Hopefully I will see changes to this area as development progresses, but fluctuation in performance has been a number one problem since BETA 1."

Read the rest here


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Windows Mail – A Better Out of Inbox Experience please?

“Two years from now, spam will be solved,” he told a select group of World Economic Forum participants at this Alpine ski resort. “And a lot of progress this year,” he added at the event late Friday, hosted by U.S. talk show host Charlie Rose. Excerpt from Gates: Spam To Be Canned By 2006, CBS News 
Now for a look at the progress report:
Wow, what great progress we have made, thanks Microsoft!
To be fear though, we still have until December 31st 2006, so maybe there are some more surprises left to come.


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Build 5536 – A Clean Device Manager…

is such a thing of beauty. I am so confident in the RC1 build of Vista right now after seeing Device Manager. Things are running very smooth in this build. As everyone notes, performance has improved based on general use of the OS, I would not apply this to the installation since it took a long time to install. But the overall system feels stable. I installed the latest nVidia drivers for my antiquated Geforce FX 5200 128 MB AGP, but it made the system both unstable and unbootable, but I was able to recover by booting in safe mode and do a driver roll back, now I am back in business. Creative needs to release some better drivers, I was playing a song and artiste voice sounded like a chip munk, hopefully post RTM will give us some quality device drivers from the IHV’s.

Device Manager in Windows Vista Build 5536 on my Dell Dimension 8300.


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My Preview of Internet Explorer RC1 – now on Windows Connected

From Windows Connected

Everybody knows Internet Explorer, whether you hate it or love it, it’s the most popular web browser around the world. Apart from the new user interface, which seems a bit squeezed, Internet Explorer 7 biggest features are Security and Really Simple Syndication. RSS allows the user to subscribe to their favorite website’s and receive notifications of updates to those subscribed sites without the need to individually browse each to check for new information. An orange button (also used by FireFox) indicates when a site is RSS enabled, click it and you are presented in a Feed view of the particular site, which you can then save and add to your collection of feeds in the Favorites Center. You can set the browser to download new updates automatically at certain intervals.

Read the entire preview here


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Microsoft, You Promised!

Microsoft, you said this is suppose to be a thing of the past starting with Office XP. So why am I seeing it here in Office 2007? Come on????

Reboot? Get a life!


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Just saw this:
"A sign up link for the Windows Live Messenger 8.1 Beta has just appeared on Microsoft Connect. To sign up, go to Connect, click on Available Connections, then find Windows Live Messenger 8.1 and click Apply. To go straight to the survey, just click this link."
Go to Microsoft Connect here to apply for the WLM 8.1 BETA and other BETA software from Microsoft.
Check out here
This is needed right now, the performance on the 8.0 release has been disappointing. Log in times are very long and launching Live Mail from the Messenger takes forever, which means the integration and speed with other Live Services is still below quality.


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