Windows Live Spaces – So Far

I don’t know what just happened to my MSN Space but I am definitely not feeling it, the performance is lousy, some modules and list refuse to move, customization is pretty much bad.
Hey Brandon and Imran, thanks for socializing with me.


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11 responses to “Windows Live Spaces – So Far

  1. Brandon

    Your welcome Andre!
    Don\’t worry! Spaces will get better!

  2. Dena

    it\’ll take a few days to get the kinks worked out.  There have been problems with rendering issues that they are well aware of now (it wasn\’t happening internally).  Just wait a bit till the dust settles and the pie cools, then get down to business with the bugs.

  3. Andre

    Thanks all, its not so bad, I am getting used to it, thanks again for socializing. 🙂

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