Internet Explorer 6 SP2 – Not ready for Windows Live

Seriously, I am iching to install Windows Internet Explorer 7 on my XP system, because IE 6 is driving me up the wall! Ever since I installed the Windows Live Toolbar, performance has sucked. Now Windows Live Spaces seems to irritate IE 6 for some reason I don’t know, because every now and then the browser crashes for some reason because of a Live Service. Whether its typing up an entry in Live Space or opening a new Tab using the Live toolbar.
If I experience another one of these today I am definitely moving to IE 7 Beta 3, its becoming to annoying now. I also notice that no report is sent into Microsoft about the issue, just a Visual Studio 2005 Debug thingy which doesn’t make any sense to me because I am not a developer. I know Windows Live is primarily targetted at the next generation of Microsoft technologies, and I wasn’t planning on installing IE 7 until RTM or SP1, couldn’t at least test these things out thoroughly on commercialy released products? With the current state of performance on IE 6 lately, I might have to move sooner than I had previously though.

Click here to see crash.


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