Leopard, an evolutionary release, not Vista 2.0 at all

So, I was just on Macrumors Live and Engadget Live from WWDC ’06, reading and taking in the pictures at the WWDC 2006 conference. The most anticipated part of the presentation apart from the mind blowing new Mac Pro’s was Leopard – OS 10.5. To be honest, its not as exciting as I hoped it would be, here is a run down of the 10 new features Mac users should look forward to in Spring 2007:
1. 64-Bit top to bottom
2. Core Animation
3. Universal Access
4. Enhanced Mail (New Stationary templates)
5. Enhanced Spotlight
6. Spaces (Virtual Desktops)
7. Time Machine
8. Dashboard
9. Web Clip and Dashcode
10. Boot Camp 1.0 (not demoed)
Enhanced Parental Controls (not demoed)
We didn’t get a chance to talk about iCal but iCal is going multiuser. (not demoed)

You saw Today we are announcing Xcode 3 at the afternoon session.

Some things are of course being kept "top secret" until the final code is released, but pretty much Apple is putting itself on par with Windows Vista. 64 bit computing, Parental controls, Time Machine are the three stand outs. Its hard to say which OS has the edge right now, so the final code for both operating systems will lead to the final decision, but of course the beauty of OS X will continue to keep it ahead in certain areas. I like their implementation of 64 bit which is interesting because it does not use emulation like the WOW64 (Windows On Windows 64) emulation layer in Windows x64 for 32 bit applications. I really would be interested in finding out how that works.
System requirements was also not discussed, the thought of 64 bit from top to bottom sounds strange, knowing that Intel Macs such as the iMac Core Duo, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini Core Duo and MacBook are all 32 bit machines. Does this mean Apple is leaving those users behind including the PowerPC G4 users? It’s still early, and I am sure going forward, Apple will release subsequent builds with updated code and added features.


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