Leopard vs. Vista

Today, Apple previews the next incarnation of their Mac OS X operating system, codenamed Leopard version 10.5 at the 2006 World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC). Apple is claiming what they have in store is better than Vista, and a few glimpses of the Moscone Center where the conference is being held displays some funny slogans:
Mac OS X Leopard – Hasta la vista, Vista
Of course this is a very bold statement coming from Apple, but its not the first time the Company has taken a hit at Microsoft. At the 2004 Developers Conference, Apple also posted banners claiming that Microsoft should get ready to start copying features from Tiger current version of Mac OS X (10.4) to put in the Vista (codename Longhorn at the time)  . It will be interesting no doubt, to see what Leopard brings to the proverbial table. I personally love the the competition and the innovation. Vista is coming with some excellent features to market and I am also looking forward to its final release.
I am currently running Tiger and must say its an innovative release, Spotlight makes finding files very easy, the Dashboard widgets are fun extensions of the desktop and of course the AQUA desktop is beautiful in its simplicity. The excitement of 5 years ago is certainly heating up again, (XP vs 10.0), now (Vista vs 10.5). What a fun time to be into Computers.
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5 responses to “Leopard vs. Vista

  1. David

    It\’s to bad that one can\’t get a copy of the Mac OS.  I wouldn\’t mind putting it on my machine.

  2. Andre

    After hearing seeing the Mac Pro packs, they are definitely on my list of computers I would buy and with Boot Camp I can still runing XP or Vista if I want to. I am definitely buying back Dell again though, their Service and hardware has been terrible, they are the worst PC experience I have had so far.

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